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Moroccan Style Pancakes
For 10 servings


1/2 teaspoon salt
500 grams white flour
vegetable oil
2 cups of luke warm water
Extra virgin olive oil

Put the flour in a large mixing bowl, add the salt and gradually add the luke warm water whilst slowly mixing untill you get a doe type mixture (the doe should be slightly lighter than bread doe).

Once you have created the doe start to create small balls, roughly slightly less than the size of your first. When you are creating each ball smother it lightly with vegetable oil. Once the balls have been created leave them for 10 min, cover them with a dry cloth of cleanfilm. Pick up one piece and start spreading it by hand untill it is a thin layer, then fold in each side to form a square shape and spread it a little more.

Place it slowly ontop an open pan that contains a small drizzle of vegetable oil that has already been wamred up. cook each side untill golden brown and repeat the process for the other doe pieces.

Add a generous topping of extra virgin olive oil to each pancake some also prefer to add cottage cheese and olives. You can also use argan oil instead of olive oil as the topping.