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Every stage of the production process of creating olive oil is bound to our principles of achieving the best quality steps under the QACCP ( Quality Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Only the finest hand picked olives are harvested at the right stage of maturity using manual rakes. The olives are carefully placed on the large rake nets, so they do not get in contact with the soil and soil bacterial diseases. Within 24 hours of picking, the olives are sent for processing as oxidation begins immediately upon harvesting.

During the period between harvest and extraction, the olives are still a live organ and thus being separated from the tree start to degrade. During this period the fruits' enzymes are very active and increasingly degrade the endogenous oil, and thus oil obtained after a longer wait is of lower quality, presenting higher acidity (oleic acid percentage).

If oxygen is allowed to interact with the olive paste during the extraction process, the acidity level will increase considerably. Purus ensures sealed extraction methods utilizing the latest Pieralisi technology to prevent the continued introduction of oxygen, as well as light to the oil. Lastly, after extraction of the oil is complete, the oil is stored in cool stainless steel silos that are pumped free of oxygen. This will ensure the quality of the oil; the integrity and stability of the chemical makeup of the oil.