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The history of Olive Oil in Morocco can be tracked right until the Greek invasion of Sicily. The new occupation harvested plenty of olive trees on the island and also on to the mainland. When trade became the norm in is this region and more routes were established, the olive was brought to the western region of North Africa. It was the invaders and colonisers from the Roman Empire who took up a massive operation of planting mass olive groves in the North African region.

It was not until the tenth century that most of the olive groves amassed across the islands of the warm Mediterranean and settled on the shores in southern Europe and the North African region. Morocco has since become one of the worlds top producers of olive oil.

Morocco has many micro climates inevitably suitable for the olive tree, and became wide spread knowledge amongst the Phoenician colonizers, it has now become known that the olive and olive oils play a vital role in the Moroccan cuisine, diet, and Moroccan culture. Today some of the best olive oil are produced from the olive trees that reside within the Atlas Mountains region and a testament to its superiority, top olive oil producing nations such as Italy and Spain import them.

Morocco has a variant of climates and microclimates. These environmental conditions and that of plentiful olive varieties used to produce Moroccan olive oils account for its variance in distinguished aromas and tastes.