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Mission & Ethics for the production of Canned Sardines, Canned Mackerel and Canned Tuna

Purus International’s combined Canning Facilities for canned sardines, mackerel and tuna can produce approximately 2.5 million cans per month (3000/tons raw material). We are in a strong position to offer our clients the best in quality, quantity and efficiency.

The production plants are facilitated with the latest technology:

- Automatic Line: Seamless production from raw material insertion to final product

- HACCP standards, Hazard Analysis Critical Control points ensure safety, quality and efficiency

- Latest Equipments: Hermasa Autoclaves Sterilizer for cans and glass sterilization recognized by the FDA.

- Temperature controlled facility and refrigerated transport ensure cargo maintains regulated temperature levels during transportation and incubation.

Purus produces various types canned sardines and
mackerel such as:

- Canned sardines in vegetable oil
- Canned sardines in tomato sauce
- Canned sardines in lemon and oil
- Canned Mackerel in olive oil

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