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    Argan Oil
Purus produces 100% pure organic Argan Oil, our argan products are produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides or animal testing and carrys an eco certification.

Upon delivery of the extracted nuts to our production plant, a detailed inspection control is taken to ensure that only fully mature ripend nuts are used and placed on the assembly line. The nuts are then placed in our extracton machinery cold-pressed to extract the oil. The oil is then passed through a filtration process and is subjected to further quality control tests before being bottled. Purus creates between 40-60 tons of argan oil per month. We are the largest exporter of Argan Oil in Morocco.

We can supply in clear or coloured marasca glass bottles in sizes of 250ml / 500ml / 750ml. Other packaging include 220 litre drums and tins, for more information on packaging please view our spec sheet.